Robert Wardhaugh and his Continually Run 1982 Game of Dungeons and Dragons

For the past 38 years, Robert Wardhaugh has been hosting the same game of Dungeons & Dragons.

Robert Wardhaugh is the dungeon master of an over 39 years old campaign of dungeons and dragons making his campaign the longest running game of dungeons and dragons ever. This Canadian based group of dungeons and dragons enthusiasts have been consistently playing D&D 1-2 times a week since 1982 even continuing over Canadian lockdown with zoom calls.

While the players he DMs for has changed over the years the one constant of Wardhaugh controlling the world of his campaign has always remained. With his own ruleset that has been adapted over the 39 years making his a campaign like no other. Another unique aspect of his campaign is incorporating real world history into his Dungeons and Dragons world. "Being a history professor and always loving history, I wanted to create a world where I was able to use the history of our world. My world is an alternate Earth, so you can be Roman, you can be Greek, you can be Sumerian, you can be Babylonian, you can be First Nations," explains Wardhaugh in an interview with CNN.

With Wardhaughs lengthily campaign he has also gotten to witness the history of D&D and how the general view of D&D has changed over the years. When his campaign started out Dungeons and Dragons had a stigma against it and was even linked with satanic rituals and violence. Today that has all been proven wrong and most people see D&D the same way Wardhaugh does, a great way of bringing people together and even sometimes teaching them a bit of history.


Robert Wardhaughs Campaign Today

Robert Wardhaughs campaign is still running strong today and shows no sign of slowing "One of the things that sets my game apart from all other games is that the only thing that's going to limit it, I suppose, is my lifespan" said Wardhaugh. This means we can expect decades more to come from this campaign and with frequent posts to his Instagram page "The Game" we can all keep up with how his campaign is running for years to come.