About Us

Growing up in beautiful country of New Zealand Steven Watson, founder of JustDnD, always loved spending his time outdoors, and with an overactive imagination and love for RPGs, this meant a lot of time adventuring through New Zealand hills and beaches fighting anything him and his friends could think up with sticks. 

10 years later and Steven inevitably game across the incredible tabletop game Dungeons and Dragons. Since then he has always loved creating campaigns and introducing others to DnD. 

JustDnD's business model is to provide a shop for all your DnD needs, as we grow we hope to provide everything required for the Table Top Game and to increase awareness of DnD to grow the community.

JustDnD is a New Zealand based company that ships from the manufacturer Besglo based in China. We ensure that our manufacturer uses ethical conditions for their workers and produce high quality products. For any products received not up to standard we issue a full refund, see our Refund Policy 

We are willing to answer any questions about our company or questions you may have on our Contact Page. We also are active on both Facebook and Instagram, so feel free to check up on our socials to see where JustDnD is headed.